The second multiplier event was organized for Lithuanian teachers on 17 June 2022.

The event started at 15:00 pm and lasted until 6:30 pm. Teachers from all over Lithuania were invited to participate in this event.

The main purpose of this event was to present the project, to provide teachers with greater knowledge about the training content on the platform “Bios4YOU” and to obtain their reflections. The event was organised as blended learning, because not all teachers had the opportunity to participate in the event offline.

During the event, all main outputs were presented:

  • IO1 – how technology and engineering bring STEM to life and vice versa;
  • IO2 – educational platform functionality and design presentation;
  • IO3 – pedagogical requirements for the educational material;
  • IO4 – bioinspired unit content for STEM

The event disclosed high teacher’s interest in the bio-inspired topic in relation to technologies. Techers had the opportunity to touch different Arduino kits as well.

According to teachers, the biggest value of the project is that they can upload the content of the units and use it during the lessons.

The training content that was translated into the Lithuanian language will be included in the methodical guidelines initiated by the National Education Agency, and these guidelines will be recommended to Lithuanian teachers.

Participants in the event got new knowledge related to topics inspired by bioscience and the relationship between biotechnology and technologies. The better preparation of teachers in the STEM field can make an impact on schoolchildren’s interest in STEM disciplines. The interest raised at school will have an impact on young generation choices in the future and ensure their motivation to choose programs related to STEM at universities and work careers opportunities related with STEM as well.

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