The Bios4You project with aim to bridge the gap between the STEM national curricula including the contents of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and the needs of Z-generation students, apathetic/ uninterested to basic themes, is to connect abstract STEM concepts to real-world technologies that are solving environmental, social and health current challenges. It is important that the novel fields like bioscience can be implemented into classroom teaching under the umbrella of Bios4you education.

Especially within the Bios4you project, teachers will benefit by exploring new designed-based learning/training approaches and producing interdisciplinary learning modules. On the other hand, it’s expected that the students obtain the innovative learning approach of STEM topics by employing nature-inspired technological environments.

As providing students with the essential information and knowledge to raise their environmental, social and health awareness, was planned as one of main aims for these projects, partners started to focus on the first intellectual output, research on how Technology and engineering bring STEM to life and vice versa and they found the hot topics in biotech innovation of interest in STEM education. Their activity also covered the next aim, to connect STEM fields with human concerns on environmental, economic, and social systems.

Related to raise awareness about STEM topics connected to bio science and showing the creativity, innovation, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration in one hand and for increasing the teacher professional development and digital skills and competences, the second intellectual output with aim to provide the space where all necessary tools and modules to support independent learning are available. In this activity, a guideline for teachers was created on using the educational platform. This tutorial helps the teachers on how to use Bios4you platform and how to create and develop the training units through it.

In terms with providing the module and training units from the point of view of STEM national curricula, partners focused on the third intellectual output resulted in providing the pedagogical requirements for Bios4You educational material and organizing the main structure of methodology and tools creation. The partners created five different training units in English language according to the agreed methodology 2E (Explore and Execute).

Then partners started fourth intellectual output for developing a teacher tutorial at first and then they developed 40 national (10 in each country) teaching/learning units through the e-leaning platform concerning the other main part of this intellectual output to create and develop the learning units about bio-inspired STEM topics.

During providing the e-learning platform and learning units, some workshops named Multiplier events were planned in partners countries with aim to introduce to the teachers the Bios4You project philosophy adapted to the school environment and offer the developed methodology. During this event the partners presented the e-learning platform of the project and the result of the research on how technology and engineering bring STEM to life and vice versa.

Since last months of the project, partners planned their last Multiplier event aimed to present project outputs, products and results and they did their pilot with the students just for introducing the project e-learning platform included specific curriculum.

In fact, Bios4You project try to enhance digitalization of learning, teaching, and training by improving access to high quality learning through Bios4you teaching units, use of OER, and teacher and school collaboration in the modernization of STEM school curricula.