On the 7th of June at the University of Palermo was held the second Italian Multiplier event of BIOS4YOU. 

The event has been organized by the Dipartimento di Ficica e Chimica – Emilio Segrè of the university of Palermo with the cooperation of CEIPES. 

During the session Professor Dominique Persano Adorno presented the Bio4you project in its activities, objectives. Then CEIPES project manager presented the moodMe platform and the guide to give the possibility to teachers and students to know more about the tools realised and, in the end, they focalized in the explanation to an e-learning units realised in order to generated interest in the participants about the world of STEM and BIOS4YOU project. 

The units presented was the one of the climate changes, this was also a good moment to focalize on the Agenda 2030 and SDGs. 

There was also a moment dedicated to the pilot of the project. The Italian teachers and students who participated in the pilot session have the opportunity to share the knowledge gained during the session and to give their feedback according to the materials produced and the platform. 

The event was very important to spread the results of the partners’ research and to make everyone aware of the importance of the involvement of the young generations and especially girls to the STEAM subjects as a great value for the economies of the different countries involved and for the whole world. 

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