On May 7th at 11 am the consortium partners met in a zoom meeting for the monthly updates. During the meeting, the results of the two surveys are discussed, indeed the final report of the IO1 (RESEARCH ON HOW TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING BRING STEM TO LIFE AND VICEVERSA) will be published next week.

Then partners talked about the realisation of the BioS4You e-LEARNING PLATFORM both from a a technical point of view and a usability one. The creation of the platform is under the responsibility of KTU and partners will collaborate with them to realise a user-friendly platform in the next months.

During the Skype also, partners discussed on the IO3, that is a realisation of a methodology useful to structured the content of the e-learning course. for this intellectual output KIT – KARLSRUHER INSTITUT FUR TECHNOLOGIE (Germany) is the leader. Partners will meet again to review the materials produced. Please, if you are interested stay tuned to download the fist results. Keep following our Facebook social page to stay updates for the latest news.