We are happy to announce that the Intellectual Output 3 Activity 2 (IO3/A2) is already out!

The Bios4You project aims to bridge the gap between the STEM national curricula including the contents of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and the needs of Z-generation students, apathetic/uninterested to basic themes, but enthusiastic in concerns related to environmental, social and health issues. In this case, developing Bios4You methodology for school curriculum and setting up of the pedagogical scenarios for the design and creation of teaching/ learning modules is the main aim.

In respect to the aim, these sections have been foreseen:

  • Methodological and didactic background
  • Expected results and tools for evaluation and recognition of the learning outcomes.
  • Formal description of the methodology and of the included modules-non-formal learning, self-produced e-learning modules, teamwork and team building, system engineering and project management
  • Guidelines for actual application in different countries and sectors
  • Requirement and guidelines for the methodology update and improvement, based on actual experiences and continuing, community-based and the state of the art and benchmarking
  • Participation and operation rules for community management platform

Based on the two stages:

  1. A practical exchange of best practices, based on UNIPA experiences for the learning part and the KIT/KTU competences on the industrial and world of work link including the implementation of a first edition of multidisciplinary class at each partners’ site, accompanied by Staff Mobility to experience hands-on the different actual applications and collaboration in the analysis and development of methodology specifications
  2. The second one is the actual implementation of a unique distributed multidisciplinary class performed with heavy use of online collaboration tools.

The following activities have been done:

  • Analysis of national STEM curricula for school students from 14-18 years old
  • Specifying pedagogical requirements for the Bios4You educational material
  • Producing Bios4You methodology and tools creation based on active learning innovative methodology for school curricula

If you are interested in the document, please click the following link to download the file.

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