All the consortium partners met for a training session on the e-learning platform provided by the expert of KTU – Kaunas University of Technology and now our brand new platform for BIOS4YOU project is availbale.

The expert presented the e-learning environment realized with Moodle for containing the materials and the results of the BIOS4YOU project.

Moodle is an e-learning environment for the management of courses, inspired by constructionism, theory according to each learning would be facilitated by the production of tangible results.

The session was 2 hours long and the platform was explained in all its aspects. It is user- friendly both for teachers and students and it offers a lot of tools to be used.

Partners from up to now will be in charge in realizing some training with teachers to present the already ready platform and to teach to them how to use it.

The platform is ready and accessible via the following link

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