The International Organization for Science and Technology Education was established to advance the cause of education in science and technology as a vital part of the general education of the peoples of all countries and to provide scholarly exchange and discussion in the field of Science and Technology Education. Today, IOSTE has members from about eighty countries, and is officially recognized by UNESCO as a non-governmental organization. 

For this reason we’re very glad to announce that Professor Dominique Persano Adorno, from University of Palermo, is attending the IOSTE (International Organization for Science and Technology Education) Symposium 2020 presenting a contribution about our project: “The BioS4YOU project: How Science Education Can Enhance Student Capacity to be Participatory Citizens in a Transforming World. 

The IOSTE Symposium 2020 is now ongoing and global participants are sharing their oral and/or poster presentations via this link

Our project will be presented this Friday, February 5thduring Session 10:  
Citizenship Education in STE & Others, and Professor Dominique Persano Adorno will be the Chair.