The consortium is happy to announce that the first result of the BioS4You project is now online!

The project aims to engage new generations, through formal and non-formal education and active-learning activities, in STEM subjects by introducing them to the bio-inspired technologies, to both the biologically inspired engineering and the scientific innovations, new treatments, technology and processes that could make a real difference in improvement of life and environment. The main goal of BioS4You to realise various actions for STEM educators and support programs for young people, and young women in particular focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, starting from the idea to relieve them of the fear and insecurity of these topics and to encourage them to the study of their subjects.

To achieve these goals, the consortium has defined several activities and results where is included a research on how technology and engineering bring STEM to life and vice versa.

This research phase aims to clarify some relevant aspects to the project. In particular, the first phase of IO-1 has been devoted on the identification and discussion of STEM panorama, need analysis in the four countries of the project Consortium and research that supports best practice in STEM education. The need and awareness analysis of teachers and students has been conducted on the base of the available literature sources.

The second phase of IO-1 focused on the identification of “hot” topics in biotech scientific innovation which could effectively engage young learners by increasing their interest in STEM subjects, with the final aim to establish which subjects of technological innovation are of interest to the younger generations and useful in making students feel an active part in building a better future. We would like to select topics that not only develop basic STEM skills but also foster students’ identities as capable persons and citizens in a global, fragile, and changing world.

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